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Detonator 8.33 - return of skipped series!

I've got 8.33!!!
Today, just walking somewhere, I have found Detonator 8.33 on the very interesting FTP server. After I get it, maybe 5 minutes later, this archive was completely removed from FTP. Before this moment, I thought NVIDIA has skipped Detonators 8.xx and 9.xx and jumped to 10.xx and 11.xx. At this time, I think files in this archive appears to be first released drivers for GeForce3 series.

In *.inf file of this driver I've read strings with supported chips. This driver supports not only GeForce3, but also GeForce3 Pro, GeForce3 Ultra, Quadro3, Crush11/12, and even NV17 and NV25!!! It means that NVIDIA already have NV17/NV25 samples and maybe announced it soon!

New registry keys allows to emulate pixel shaders v1.1 in DirectX8 applications with GeForce256 and GeForce2 cards. I've tested that functions in 3DMark2001 and DX8 SDK samples, all tests was too slow, but it runs ("Nature" and "pixel shaders" test)!

And most important thing. In this version software HSR beta functionality for Direct3D was added!!! It don't gives very big perfomance boost, but 5-10% speedup on my Celeron 450 detected. I think, my CPU is too slow for this. Perfomance boost was too small, but I haven't seen any visual artefacts with enabled HSR, as it was in 3dfx drivers. Because HSR support still in developing and very bad, if errors were detected, HSR disables himself in settings.

Also I've found LOD bias registry key for OpenGL. In older drivers LOD biasing was enabled for Direct3D only. Now for OpenGL too!

New antialiasing methods was added for all NVIDIA chips. 1x2 and 2x2 antialiasing even works with Riva TNT! Updated quincunx also available for all GeForces.

And last. :) I not sure, but probably Direct3D driver 8.33 supports 3D textures even with GeForce256! In the nearest future, I'll do big testing.

You may download this Detonator 8.33 right now and right here! Enjoy!

P.S. I don't have any suggestions, what functions and tweaks will be added in 9.xx.

Last update 01.04.2001 Alexei Berillo aka SomeBody Else