NVIDIA GeForce S3TC universal patch for OpenGL games.

All GeForce and GeForce 2 owners know about problems with quality in some OpenGL games, when using S3TC compression with these NVIDIA chips based videocards. On gradient textures (texture with smooth color transitions, ex. sky) this lacks are especially visible.

NVIDIA chips unpacks S3TC textures without alpha-channel not so good, as we expect (big thanks Max Morozov, one of first who found this strangeness). GF interpolate addition colors in 16-bits, when 32-bit color is really necessary. After some experiments with OpenGL S3TC I found possibility to modify executable code almost of any game with S3TC autocompress support to force using S3TC format with alpha-channel, instead of non-alpha format.

My patch is really universal. He may be applied to many games, not only Quake 3 Arena or Soldier Of Fortune, as many others patches do. With its help it's possible try to modify not only such popular games as Q3 or SOF, but others too. Other side, it necessary to apply patch very cautiously, he can patch others, not necessary bytes too. But, program makes backup, so you may restore original file.

Last version is interactive - when pattern is found, program asks user for confirmation. To turn off this interactivity, you may use command string parameter '/y'.

This is my universal OpenGL patch.

Download latest version.

Download small version (without descriptions).

This patch forces OpenGL games to use S3TC format with alpha-channel only. Quality is visibly improved and perfomance slightly reduces in most cases, exept highly textured scenes.

Some screenshots

Q3 and SOF before patching

Q3 and SOF after patching

Quality was strongly improved! These shots - one of worst cases for unpatched NV S3TC, but in other cases result is visible too. Some lacks have remained, but this is artefacts of texture compression.

You use this patch at your own risk. The author will not be liable for any data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this patch.

If you have problems with patching - write to me, I'll try to help.

Alexei Berillo a.k.a. SomeBody Else